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What if My Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

Posted by Trent Kelly on November 30, 2016
What if My Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

Injuries that are suffered in traffic accidents will not always reveal themselves immediately.

A whiplash or some other physical strain may not at first show any symptoms. Even serious internal injuries, such a concussion, may not display any immediate indication of its existence. In addition to these medical issues, a statute of limitations will limit the time available to take legal action. Although a delayed injury will not automatically prevent you from filing a claim, you should first consult with a car accident lawyer to determine the validity of your case.

After the accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention if an injury is suspected. In the event of a serious accident, you may want to be checked by a doctor even if you have no symptoms. You should also refrain from making statements or signing any documents that pertain to your physical condition. It is equally important to recognize the early symptoms of an injury. A concussion may be marked by a headache, blurred vision and dizziness. Other early symptoms of injuries include muscle spasms and stiffness. A medical specialist can help identify a delayed injury, but you may first require a referral from a car accident lawyer.

Insurance companies will often try to challenge the concept of a delayed injury, perhaps even claiming that it resulted from something that occurred after the accident or that the condition is being faked by the victim. An attorney will closely examine the facts of both the accident and the injury for the purpose of reaching the best possible outcome in the case. It is for these and other reasons that the victims of traffic accidents should turn to the services of a car accident lawyer.

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