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5 Austin Boating Tips

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 18, 2019
5 Austin Boating Tips

Summer is almost upon us. Soon the waters around Austin will be filled with a variety of boats. This means it will be more important than ever to follow boating safety tips.

  1. Life Jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD): Each person on a boat should wear a PFD or life jacket. Most boating fatalities result from people not wearing a PFD or life jacket. Texas law requires all individuals less than 13 years old wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD while the boat is underway. This is a requirement for all vessels under 26 feet long.
  2. No Alcohol When Operating Water Craft: The chance of a fatal boating accident occurring doubles when people use alcohol. Operating a boat while drinking alcohol is as dangerous as driving under the influence.   Don’t do it under any circumstances.  Just like any other situation where drinking is involved, designate a sober driver to ensure that avoidable accidents do not occur.
  3. Boater Education Course: It’s a good idea for anyone who will be operating a boat in Austin to take a boater safety education course. Over half of all boating accidents in Texas are by individuals who haven’t taken a boater safety course. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides boater education courses that are easy to access and complete.  Take the time to become familiar with the craft you will be operating to significantly reduce the risk of an accident.
  4. Safe Speed: Although there are no specified speed limits for boats traveling in many areas on our lakes, excessive speed or unsafe operation is very dangerous and could still result in a citation being issued by local authorities. It is especially important to operate a boat at a safe speed in places that are crowded.
  5. Accident: Should a boat operator have an accident, remain on the scene, contact emergency medical professionals and render aid if necessary. Should there be physical injuries or extensive property damage, it’s time to contact an Austin boating accident attorney.

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