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Former Austin Swim Coach Charged With Indecency

Posted by admin on December 22, 2016
Former Austin Swim Coach Charged With Indecency

A former swimming coach in Austin has been accused of sexually-abusing a teenage girl.

The woman, who is now 26-years-old, filed a police report, saying that Francis Timothy O’brien had an inappropriate relationship with her. She stated that when she was 15, she would go for runs with Francis. She said that he had pulled his pants down and showed her his penis.

The woman also stated that the sexual abuse continued for over a year. She stated that after she turned 16 and got her driver’s license, she started spending the night at his house. The two slept together, and Francis touched her inappropriately. He also forced her to touch him.

When the woman turned 21, she moved in with Francis. She moved out when she was 23. The woman stated that the reason she waited so long to file a police report was because he was the head of a national swimming team. Her friend finally persuaded her to talk to the police.

An investigator has already spoken to Francis. He has not denied the allegations. Francis also admitted that he quit teaching because he had a relationship with one of the students. He admitted that the teenager had spent the night at his house, but he stated that he did not do anything sexual with her until she was 17 or 18. He believes that the reason the woman has filed a lawsuit is because she did not like the way that the relationship ended.

Sexual abuse is an extremely common problem. It is estimated that one in four females and one in six males are sexually-abused before the age of 18. Dealing with the aftermath of sexual abuse can be difficult. Many people are traumatized for life because of the sexual abuse that they have endured.

Fortunately, our Austin injury attorneys can help sexually-abused victims. We are focused on making sure that sexual predators receive the punishment that they deserve. Contact us if you have been victimized


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