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Make Sure You Are Insured

Posted by Trent Kelly on November 8, 2016
Make Sure You Are Insured

Drivers in the Austin, Texas area should always make sure they are insured.

It is an unfortunate fact of life, but accidents happen. Every day, people behind the wheel find themselves in a collision with other drivers and sadly suffer injury to their bodies and their vehicles. However, the greatest loss in a fender bender tends to occur when one or both parties is uninsured.

Car insurance benefits not only yo/u and your vehicle, but others who might end up in an accident with you as well. Without car insurance, both you and the other party or parties involved in an accident can end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket.

One Austin, Texas family felt the sting of such a situation when they were involved in a collision with a car owned by a woman who was driving while intoxicated. The other driver crashed into their vehicle, and she had no insurance. She was operating a truck and rear-ended the car of a young family, causing confusion and injury in the process.

The family had no choice but to seek the help of Austin accident lawyers following the accident, which cost thousands of dollars after the husband had to undergo a procedure at the hospital as a result of fluid in his lungs. His wife was expecting a child and experienced ringing in the ears upon the collision.

The driver who was at fault was arrested for a DWI on the scene. The vehicle was not her own but belonged to a man she was dating. The couple whose car was hit claimed that the woman never once exited the truck to check to see whether they were okay.

In spite of the injuries the couple sustained during the accident, the real problems are occurring in the aftermath. The people at fault claimed that they were going to pay for the damages, but in reality, they did not have car insurance. It was found later that the truck’s owner had been cited several times in Austin for being uninsured.

If you are involved in a car accident in Texas, you will need a skilled Austin accident lawyer in Austin, Texas. Contact Terry and Kelly at your earliest convenience for a consultation to get everything you are owed if you are in a collision with uninsured drivers.

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