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Texas Toughens Requirements for Drunk Driving

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 13, 2015
Texas Toughens Requirements for Drunk Driving

Recently, the Texas House of Representatives passed new requirements that would allow convicted drunk drivers to drive–but only if they’re sober.

These new Texas requirements are a grim reminder of how high a percentage of car accidents involve intoxicated drivers. Often, those drivers have suspended licenses due to previous drunk-driving convictions. The new requirements hope to mitigate this problem by allowing certain first-time offenders the option to install an ignition interlock device. This device administers a breathalyzer test that will kill the ignition upon detecting alcohol.

If you find yourself involved in a car accident — whether a drunk driver is involved or not — it’s important that you get as much information as possible at the scene. First, seek medical help if you or anyone else involved is injured. Call the police and remember to ask for a copy of the police report or the police report number. If you are able, collect the names and contact information of any witnesses before they drift away and take pictures of the vehicles involved. While the memory is still fresh in your mind, you should also record your first impressions of everything that is said and done before they are forgotten.

If you suspect drunk driving may have been a factor in the accident, then the final and most important step is to call an Austin drunk driving accident lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies are not your friends. In the weeks to come, you will need an advocate to protect your rights, defend you from spurious claims, or to take formal legal action own your behalf, if necessary. Personal injury lawsuits in Texas must be filed within two years of the accident, so time is of the essence.

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