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7 Things Not to Say After a Car Accident

Posted by Trent Kelly on June 1, 2020
7 Things Not to Say After a Car Accident

Car accidents usually happen quickly without much warning. They leave all involved parties shocked and caught off guard. Ultimately, this makes them vulnerable to saying things they wouldn’t usually say, or saying things that may inadvertently hurt their personal injury claim down the road. Being aware of what to say or what not to say after a car accident can help you and your Austin car accident lawyers obtain the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you sustained. Here are seven things not to say after your car accident.


  1. I’m Sorry: Many drivers tend to apologize simply because they feel bad that the accident occurred and empathize with the situation. Even if they didn’t cause the crash, their natural reaction is to say they are sorry. Unfortunately, if you pursue legal action as a result of your accident, saying you are sorry can hurt your claim as it insinuates that you are at fault.
  2. I Didn’t Even See You There: This is a frequent phrase after accidents occur when one driver is turning in or out of an area just before the crash. If you say this, it could cause the other party and their legal team to question why you didn’t see them and if that led to the accident. In fact, many insurance companies request a recorded statement from you in hopes that you will say you didn’t see something.
  3. I Think That…: It is common for those involved in an auto accident to be asked to give multiple statements, including statements to your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, your Austin car accident lawyers, and the responding law enforcement agency. No matter whom you are speaking to, stick to the facts. If you don’t know something, just say so. Never speculate.
  4. I’m not Hurt: The injuries you sustain in a car accident will determine the value of your car insurance settlement. The problem is, many auto accident injuries do not show up immediately after the accident, such as whiplash or traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Minimizing or denying your injuries after an accident can decrease the value of your claim.
  5. I’m not Hiring a Lawyer: Even if you are not sure you are going to work with a lawyer, it’s better to tell the person asking that you are considering your legal options. If you are working with Austin car accident lawyers, give the insurance adjuster the name and contact information of your attorney.
  6. I Accept: After a car accident, the auto insurance company for the other party often tries to contact you as soon as possible with the purpose of getting you to accept a low settlement offer before you speak to an attorney. Do not tell them you accept any offer without first meeting with Austin car accident lawyers, or you could be leaving money that is rightfully yours on the table.
  7. That Was My Fault: Not only should you not apologize, but you should also not explicitly admit fault of any kind. You could be falsely making admission and not even know it. Additionally, admissions of this sort could lead to a traffic ticket, which will negatively impact your case even more.

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