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ATX Pedestrian Accidents

Posted by Trent Kelly on August 3, 2021
ATX Pedestrian Accidents

Even when you look both ways while crossing the street, negligent drivers can still catch you off guard. Far too often, Austin drivers hit pedestrians. As reported last year by The Statesman, Austin traffic deaths have recently hit a four-year high, with a sizable share of the fatalities (41 percent) being pedestrians.

Even if you were lucky enough to survive a pedestrian crash, you’ll likely still have a considerable fight ahead of you. Because of the sheer weight and size disparities between the average vehicle and the average person, a pedestrian collision often inflicts more serious injuries than a car-on-car collision. 

You might try to find a satisfactory insurance settlement for those damages out of court, but unfortunately, sometimes those settlement offers won’t be so satisfactory without the right legal representation. In those cases, you’ll want to consider negotiating a better settlement with the help of Austin pedestrian accident lawyers from Terry & Kelly Injury Lawyers.

Why Hire A Pedestrian Injury Lawyer?

Frankly, we feel that the better question to ask here is, “why NOT hire a pedestrian accident lawyer?” An injury claim can be both a financially and mentally taxing fight and not one you can afford to take any chances with. 

Even though investing in professional legal representation won’t guarantee that you’ll win your case, it will allow you to have the best fighting chance at winning your case. Investing in legal counsel will afford you access to resources that would be much harder to access otherwise, resources like:

  1. Several years of experience professionally representing cases like yours
  2. Access to expert witnesses and authorities who can strengthen your case
  3. Support with calculating and determining damages
  4. Accident reconstructionists who can effectively analyze the facts
  5. Professional paperwork and legal letter writing
  6. Advising you on what and what not to do

No one wants to find themselves dealing with the legal system. The last thing on your mind after an event as traumatic as a pedestrian collision is figuring out how to navigate the insurance and legal process. But by seeking the assistance of a professional who’s acclimated to the legal system, you’ll be able to make that process significantly less stressful. 

Moreover, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency-fee-basis, which means that you’ll only have to pay if you win, and that expense will just be paid out of a portion of the award you won. So with all of that mind, what will you have to lose? 

Take On Negligent Drivers With an Austin Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

We recognize how devastating, disorienting, and blindsiding accident injuries can be, particularly ones as blindsiding as a car crash with a pedestrian. That’s why we aim to go above and beyond and to do everything in our power to help our clients move forward after an injury with the full financial recovery they deserve. 
If you or a loved one was recently victimized in a local pedestrian collision, then consider reaching out to Terry & Kelly Injury Lawyers as another milestone in your road to recovery. If you believe our services could help your case, then consider contacting our Austin pedestrian accident lawyers today to arrange a free consultation.

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