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Audit Reveals Austin Failed to Use Crash Data to Improve Safety

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 31, 2016
Audit Reveals Austin Failed to Use Crash Data to Improve Safety

What the audit reveals about crash data and its use.

A recent city audit has revealed that the City of Austin has failed to use important crash information to improve public safety.

Some of the most telling information from the Transportation Effectiveness Audit includes:

  • The city did not coordinate with city departments and external partners on a transportation system, including a failure to connect across various modes of transportation.
  • The city’s transportation activities have mainly been reactive, which means they largely occurred after a crisis unraveled.
  • The city cites resource challenges, such as limited funding and staff, for its failures.

The report findings go on to note that the city failed to use crash information to improve traffic incident management and to target engineering, law enforcement or educational solutions. Along with this information, it was revealed that traffic-related fatalities have increased over the past four years and that some of these fatalities could have been prevented through education and law enforcement. Specifically, the audit found that drivers without a valid license were an increasing problem around Austin, with about 1/3 of all fatal accidents in Austin involving a driver with a suspended or invalid license.

Robert Spillar, director of Austin’s transportation department, says the department plans to create an engineering division that will focus on traffic safety and work with the Austin Police Department to enhance traffic enforcement. Furthermore, the department intends to address all the findings from the city audit.

We know that for some, this information is just another reminder of the loss of a loved one due to an unlicensed driver, improper engineering at traffic intersections, or other city issues. If you have lost a loved one in a car wreck caused by a careless driver or other issue related to city traffic shortcomings, you may be entitled to compensation. An Austin car accident lawyer at TK Injury Lawyers can help you determine your legal options. Call us today at 512-910-2000 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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