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Austin Scooter Accidents Rising

Posted by Trent Kelly on November 7, 2018
Austin Scooter Accidents Rising

If you’ve been to Austin, You’ve seen Scooters everywhere.

Whether you are in the Hill Country or Downtown Austin itself, there’s plenty you can do outside to enjoy our beautiful city. If you’ve been out and about enjoying yourself near Downtown, South Congress or South Lamar lately, one trend you’ve probably seen is an uptick of people riding around on scooters.

The convenience these scooters offer is clear; first and foremost, they are fun to ride. They are motorized with some surprising oomph that lets you zip down streets much faster than you could walking or even running. They are small and can sometimes be folded up which means you won’t have the nuisance of dealing with parking. At first glance, they are perfect for Austinites who need a faster way to traverse the city than walking but want to avoid traffic and parking.

These scooters have become so popular that local city legislature is trying to play catch up – passing laws and ordinances that are aimed specifically at scooter riders with the hopes of avoiding serious accidents like the one this past Sunday night when a woman riding a scooter was critically injured when she crashed into a curb in South Congress.

So, while Scooters certainly offer convenience and the ability to fully enjoy the outdoors of Austin, they also involve obvious safety hazards that, as they increase in popularity, we can only assume will lead to more serious accidents.

Here’s how to stay safe on a scooter:

4 Tips For Riding A Scooter Safely Around Austin

If you’re looking to become one of many Austinites who scoot their way through SoCo, South Lamar and Downtown here are some tips on how to minimize the chances of having a serious accident;

  1. Wear a helmet: while Texas has lax laws regarding helmets, it’s still a good idea to wear one anytime you are on a bike or scooter in urban areas. Sure, you may lose some cool points but it’s certainly better than the alternative in the event you are involved in an accident of some sort.
  2. Get properly trained:  many people think riding a scooter is easy and intuitive since we associate them with something a young child would ride, however as they have become motorized and thus more complex than the scooters from your childhood, it’s critical that you understand how to safely operate them and what their capabilities/limitations are.
  3. Understand and follow the scooter specific traffic laws: knowing simple things like when it’s ok to ride on sidewalks and where you can park your scooter will help you avoid fines and more importantly a serious accident.
  4. Be alert and cautious of pedestrians: these days many people are on their phones, taking selfies or using social media while they are walking around downtown and if you’re going to be scooting around, you need to take a defensive stance with regards pedestrians.

Obviously, there’s always going to be inherent risk in any mode of transportation, especially one that leaves you so vulnerable in the event of a collision with another motor vehicle. By following these tips for using a scooter safely in Austin, you can improve your chances of having a safe ride.

Have You Been Injured In an Accident Involving A Scooter?

If you’ve been injured while riding a scooter, it’s our advice that you speak to an attorney who is experienced in representing victims in pedestrian or motor vehicle accidents. There are many factors that could make your accident a viable personal injury case.

Of course, there are factors that could prevent it from being a strong case as well, but the bottom line is that you need to speak with a qualified attorney who can advise you of the best legal plan of action you can take. Don’t make the assumption that you don’t have a case before speaking with a solid and reputable injury attorney here in Austin.

Terry & Kelly is a law firm based in Downtown Austin that has been fighting on behalf of injury victims for years and has helped numerous pedestrian and motor vehicle accident victims obtain legal settlements to help cover their medical bills and pain & suffering.

If you have been in an accident involving a scooter, call either Trent Kelly or Jim Terry today at 512-910-2000 and we’ll help you understand the legal dynamics regarding your accident and whether or not you have a strong case to pursue legally. In the event you do have a case, we’ll create a legal plan of action to help you and your family get the best possible outcome in this tragic time.

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