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Austin Metro Area Tops 2 Million Population Mark

Posted by Trent Kelly on April 11, 2016
Austin Metro Area Tops 2 Million Population Mark

Having just recently passed the 2 million mark in population, the Austin area continues to be the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country.

This marks the 5th straight year that Austin has earned such recognition. While these are exciting and vibrant times in the Austin area, all of that growth has also brought about an unprecedented surge in the number of vehicles and accidents on our roads.

A booming population has many benefits, from increased infrastructure to plentiful employment opportunities, but there can be some downsides as well. A recent rise in the number of car accidents taking place in and around Austin has also made headlines as the city struggles to catch up with the rising population. From minor injuries to major traffic incidents and fatalities, these accidents are taking on toll our city and residents.

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