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Where to Bike with Kids in Austin

Posted by Trent Kelly on September 27, 2021
Where to Bike with Kids in Austin

If you are wanting to take your kids on a bike ride in Austin, there are many different safe and fun options. However, in the event that a bicycle crash and injuries occur, contact an Austin bicycle accident lawyer for help. 

Austin offers both residents and visitors alike the opportunity to get around town on bicycles – enjoying the weather, staying active, and providing fun for the entire family. In fact, Austin has been named the third-most bike-friendly city in the United States. 

Even though biking is popular in Austin, it can still be dangerous. If you or your child suffers injuries in a crash due to a negligent driver, contact an Austin bicycle accident lawyer.

Riding with Kids Options in Austin

If you enjoy riding bikes with your kids, Austin also offers you plenty of options to experience the ride you are looking for, hopefully without any bike accidents. Some of these family-friendly options include:

Southern Walnut Creek Trail – The trail is about 7.3 miles long and consists of a 10-foot-wide paved trail with 2-foot shoulders. The trail is designed for an easy ride and is great for a family bike ride. There are access points to the trail behind the East Communities YMCA at 51st. St. & 183, at the Austin Tennis Center, at Govalle Park, at Old Manor Rd, and at Johnny Morris Rd. If you’re accessing the trail from the YMCA access point, there is a nice, shaded playground for the kids to take a break and enjoy.

Northern Walnut Creek Trail – This trail offers a good, paved trail section with nice views that runs for 3.5 miles, starting from Balcones District Park and ends at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. The trail can be accessed from Scribe Drive.

The Boardwalk Trail – The Boardwalk trail links together a 1.1 miles gap in the Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake. It’s a paved trail that offers great water and city skyline views. The trail is open from 5 a.m. to midnight daily. The trail can be entered from several points, starting with the northeast corner of the American-Statesman parking lot, from the northeast corner of the Riverside and I-35 intersection, off the Riverside Drive sidewalk at Blunn Creek, and at the International Shores Park.

Dick Nichols Park Trail – This trail is in South Austin and offers a 2-mile loop with beautiful scenery. The wide paved path is good and safe for biking, walking, or jogging. The trail circles the park and is both shaded and exposed. The trail is kid-friendly, as it also has a playground.

Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail – This is a 2.8-mile loop trail that is in McKinney Falls State Park. The trail is a beautiful scenic part of Onion Creek with shade from Live Oak and Bald Cypress trees. It’s a nice, paved trail that’s great for biking, walking, and even pushing a stroller. There is an entrance fee to McKinney Falls State Park of $6 for ages 13 & up but is free for ages 12 and under.

Learn How Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you were enjoying any of these bike rides with your kids but, unfortunately, you or your kid is injured in an accident caused by someone else, contact Terry & Kelly Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. Our Austin bicycle accident attorneys are here to help.

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