Fall Weather Can Increase Your Risk of a Car Accident

Posted by Trent Kelly on October 12, 2020
Fall Weather Can Increase Your Risk of a Car Accident

As the seasons change, so do the risks of car crashes. While you might not associate fall with accident risks, the changing weather can impact drivers and potentially lead to collisions. If you are injured, an Austin auto accident lawyer can help.

The weather is cooling down, and while that means football, bonfires, and hot cider, it also means an increased risk of dangerous and sometimes fatal car accidents. Drivers should always operate motor vehicles without distractions and adhere to the laws of the road. However, with the change of the season, certain factors can contribute to this increase in car accidents. It is important to remain aware of the changing seasons and its accompanying dangers and, if a driver hits you, seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer right away.

Common Factors Contributing to an Increase in Car Accidents in the Fall

The following are only some examples of factors that might lead to crashes in the fall:


  • Sunset: The fall season brings shorter days and longer nights. As a result, many drivers might find themselves making their daily commutes in the dark. This greatly increases the need for properly functioning headlights. Failure to ensure all lights are in proper working order can lead to severe and even fatal car accidents. 


  • Wildlife: From 2008 to 2018, Texas was the leading state in deaths resulting from collisions with animals. For many, hunting is the sport of choice in the fall. However, this time of year also means an increase in the activity of wildlife, especially deer. Because deer tend to migrate in the early morning and evening hours when visibility may be limited, the chance of an auto accident significantly increases. It is imperative to constantly be aware of potential wildlife activity in your area.


  • Children: With the fall season also comes the start of the new school year and certain holidays that are known to attract children. School zone speed limits create a possibility of collisions when a driver is unaware of such a zone, and the chance of injuring a child in a school crosswalk is higher. Additionally, October brings the popular holiday of Halloween. Trick-or-treating in the dark creates opportunities for fatal accidents to occur, especially in those neighborhoods with many families and children.


  • Road Conditions: While the roads may not be too icy in the fall, there are other variables that can affect the conditions of the road. One variable, in particular, is the falling of leaves. Foliage provides beautiful sceneries around Texas in the fall season, but it also hides potentially dangerous conditions and markings on the road meant to protect drivers from making costly mistakes. These include potholes and other obstacles, medians, and pavement markings. Drivers must operate their vehicles according to the current conditions of the road. Sometimes this means driving at a slower speed than the limit posted or taking alternate routes. Wet leaves can also make the road slippery.


It is important to consider the factors listed above while remaining vigilant and undistracted when operating a motor vehicle in the months of fall. Unfortunately, other drivers might not be as safe. 

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