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Could This Be Austin’s Deadliest Year?

Posted by Trent Kelly on September 16, 2015
Could This Be Austin’s Deadliest Year?

Austin, Texas was the village of Waterloo until it became the state capital in 1839, and it’s been growing ever since.

It is the 11th most populated city in the U.S., the second largest capital city in the country (only after Phoenix, Arizona), the fourth largest city in the state, and has a growing population of more than 900,000. It all sounds good, but those figures may be causing a big problem in Austin that shows no signs of getting better.

The City of Austin is on the fast track to have a new entry in the record books: 2015 may be the city’s “deadliest year” on its streets and highways. Traffic fatalities have already reached 76, and estimates point to 90 more traffic deaths by the year’s end. In the entire year of 2014, 63 deaths from traffic accidents were reported.

What is causing the rise in traffic accidents? Certainly, a growing population in the city and surrounding area puts many more vehicles on the road. However, most accidents on all U.S. roads are the result of alcohol use and/or reckless driving. That includes:

Negligence: This is the number one cause of all road accidents. The driver is not paying attention to road conditions and the surrounding traffic.

Gross Negligence or Misconduct: In this case, the driver may be aware of road conditions and traffic laws, but – often because of alcohol use – isn’t capable of operating their vehicle safely.

If you drive in the Austin area, be careful behind the wheel and help keep Austin’s roads safe. However, if you do become involved in an accident, contact TK Injury Lawyers at 512-910-2000 to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.  We fight hard for our clients and will not stop until you obtain the justice you deserve.

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