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DWI Arrests Increase After Uber/Lyft Leave Austin

Posted by Trent Kelly on August 19, 2016
DWI Arrests Increase After Uber/Lyft Leave Austin

Austin saw an increase in DWI arrests.

From May 9th to May 31st of this year, Austin experienced an astounding 7.5% increase in the rates of arrest for drunk driving, which meant an increase in accidents. Those were also the dates of Uber and Lyft’s withdrawal of business from that city after Proposition 1 was passed by the city council, discouraging business from Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)and leaving those who were potential patrons staggering in the streets without options.

Thankfully the market has responded with several alternatives to Uber and Lyft, including Fare, another ridesharing service, Fasten, which boasts its policy of charging by the mile and the minute and nothing else, and Get Me, which is not only a ridesharing company but also a delivery service. That response proved too little too late, however, as the gap in available services in the city of Austin put too many drunk drivers back on the road and left a lot of people with no choice but to call an Austin car accident attorney.

There’s no need for the people of Austin to be left helpless and confused by these changes any longer. If you have suffered as so many other residents of Austin have from an accident on the road, whether you were behind the wheel or a passenger, it is imperative that you contact a car accident attorney in Austin to protect your rights. If you are in need of a helping hand after your car incident, TK Injury Lawyers, are lawyers for Texans just like you.

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