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Facts about whiplash injuries

Posted by Trent Kelly on January 19, 2015
Facts about whiplash injuries

Texas drivers who have been in an automobile accident may be at risk for a type of injury known as whiplash.

Whiplash may have serious effects on the health and well-being of the person who suffers from it. The debility from the injury may last for only a short time, or it might remain permanently.
Whiplash is the common name for the situation that occurs when the body is subjected to a high-velocity impact that causes the head to whip violently back and forth. This causes tremendous stress to the skeletal systems and musculature of the head and neck.

A wide variety of negative physical effects may result from a whiplash injury. Some of these effects commonly take a day or two to manifest. There is no scientific consensus as to why the onset of symptoms is so often delayed. Issues from whiplash may include headache, pain at the base of the neck, nausea, vertigo, blurred vision, and other consequences of greater severity.

Injuries resulting from any car accident that was not entirely the fault of the injured person, whether they were from car accident or any other form of mishap, are eligible for compensation in the state of Texas. The injured party or their representative must file a personal injury suit against the person or people that they believe to have been responsible for their wounds. An attorney may be able to help them assemble the requisite information, fill out all necessary forms, explain exactly what the injuries were and describe what sort of compensation they seek. The defendant or defendants may choose to settle the suit with the plaintiffs, paying a sum of money in exchange for dropping the suit, or they may choose to take it to trial and allow the court to make a decision.

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