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Fiat Chrysler Forced To Buy Back Faulty Vehicles

Posted by Trent Kelly on August 12, 2015
Fiat Chrysler Forced To Buy Back Faulty Vehicles

A recent report released by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration included a mandate for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to initiate a vehicle buyback program due to its failure to complete a 2013 recall.

This recall relates to the Ram truck and Dodge SUV vehicle lines that pose a danger to the public.  Specifically, these vehicles include faulty steering components that may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Although more than 280,000 of the 580,000 recalled vehicles have been repaired, Fiat Chrysler is still being held liable for the repair of all the vehicles included the recall.

Conditions of the Buyback Program

The NHTSA has not only ordered Fiat Chrysler to buy back all the RAM trucks and Dodge SUVs that were made during the years of 2008 through 2012, but the automaker must also pay $105 million in civil penalties. Although the total cost has not been disclosed, the number of vehicles that have yet to be repaired indicates a significant sum of money that must be paid out since the automaker will buy the vehicles back close to the original sale price.

Steps to Take If You Were Injured

If you owned a RAM truck or a Dodge SUV and were injured in Austin, TX, as a result of the faulty steering in the vehicle, you may still have an opportunity to seek legal help regarding your personal injury benefits. The process of protecting your rights is a serious matter and needs to be handled promptly by a lawyer who works hard to represent victims who have been injured as a result of an automaker’s negligence.

TK Injury Lawyers handles personal injury accident cases related to automaker recalls. The lawyers at TK Injury Lawyers are well versed in the laws and regulations that automakers must follow. If you want your case reviewed, contact TK Injury Lawyers at 512-910-2000 today for a free consultation.

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