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How Road Rage Can Change Your Life

Posted by Trent Kelly on January 21, 2020
How Road Rage Can Change Your Life

We all get impatient sometimes, and it can regularly happen while you are driving. Most drivers have also encountered an impatient driver who has let their frustration escalate into aggressive driving. Aggressive driving behaviors such as tailgating and speeding are a common cause of traffic crashes, and you should not only avoid aggressive driving yourself, but also give other aggressive drivers plenty of space on the road to prevent a collision.

While aggressive driving is dangerous enough, the situation can become significantly more concerning if an aggressive driver begins to engage in road rage. Road rage involves intentional acts that are offensive, distracting, and sometimes purposefully put others in harm’s way. When a driver is road raging, they can cause crashes and injuries that can alter your life in many ways. 

Road Raging Behaviors

Road rage can involve many different types of conduct, and the following are some common road rage behaviors:

  1. Honking or flashing lights at drivers out of anger, which can be highly distracting
  2. Yelling offensive words or threats at other drivers
  3. Cutting off other drivers with dangerous lane changes
  4. Passing on the shoulder
  5. Running other drivers off the road
  6. Intentionally hitting another car
  7. Running red lights or stop signs on purpose
  8. Displaying weapons to frighten other drivers

Some road raging drivers might intentionally cause a collision. Others might run you off the road, which can cause you to crash or even roll over. Others cause such significant distractions and stress that you get into an accident. All of these situations can land you in the emergency room with serious and lasting injuries.

Road Rage Encounters

Some road ragers do not leave their anger and violence on the road. Instead, they might follow another driver off the highway or into a parking lot. There, they might exit their vehicles to confront the driver, often with violence. A surprising number of road rage incidents end in assault, and some even end in homicide. While a violent driver might get arrested, their arrest and criminal case do little to ease the impact of your injuries and the effect of the traumatic event on your mental health. 

If you encounter a road raging driver on the road, do not engage them. Ignore their threats and offensive gestures and allow them to pass you – even if you have to pull over. If it appears that the driver is following you to escalate the situation, do not stop in a parking lot alone. It is wise to call the police or drive to the nearest police station. 

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