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How to Stay Safe on Austin’s Roads

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 14, 2015
How to Stay Safe on Austin’s Roads

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Austin residents are involved in an average of 13,029 crashes each year (based on the latest available statistics from 2013).

Of that number, 3,879 are serious-injury crashes and 69 are fatal incidents. Around 72 people die and another 5,154 sustain major injuries.

To help avoid becoming part of these statistics, follow these basic tips for staying safe as recommended by an Austin car accident attorney:

  • Watch Out for Peak Accident Times

TxDOT says that the worst day for accidents is Saturday, with the worst hour being from 9:00pm to 9:59pm. A likely reason for those conditions is because people have been out partying and drinking without making the proper arrangements to get home safely. If you must travel during those times, be especially aware of the traffic around you and how people are driving. Allow more space than usual between you and other vehicles to give yourself time to react during emergencies.


  • Don’t Drink and Drive

In 2013, 14% of automobile collisions resulted in serious injuries and .5% resulted in death. When driving under the influence is involved, 22% resulted in serious injuries with 3% resulting in death. As these statistics show, driving with alcohol in your system clearly increases your chances of injury and death. Even if you feel slightly buzzed, avoid getting behind the wheel. Ask a friend to drive you home or call for a taxi or other car service, such as Uber or Lyft. The inconvenience of fetching your vehicle the next morning is nothing when compared with the risk to getting seriously hurt, dying, or – even worse – causing harm to others.


  • Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

You may think you’re saving money by postponing or avoiding regular maintenance. But this can cost you in the end by forcing you into an accident. What if your tires blow while you’re speeding down the highway or your engine catches fire in the middle of traffic? Could you safely cope with such situations? Don’t find out – take your car in for regular checkups and necessary repairs.

No matter what, if you’re involved in an accident, do not sign or say anything beyond finding out if everyone involved is safe. Instead, contact the Austin car accident attorneys at TK Injury Lawyers.

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