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Mayor Announces “Austin Don’t Rush” To Help Ease Traffic

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 23, 2016
Mayor Announces “Austin Don’t Rush” To Help Ease Traffic

“Austin Don’t Rush” program.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler recently announced a new initiative called “Austin Don’t Rush” to help combat traffic congestion and called for Monday, May 11th to be the first public holiday to kick off this initiative. With a decade-long boom in population growth, transportation in Austin is now at a tipping point due to the havoc the rising numbers of automobiles are causing on the city’s streets and highways.

If you live in Austin, Mayor Adler now encourages you to reduce the number of hours you are stuck in traffic by telecommuting or working unconventional hours, when possible. On May 11th, Austinites were urged to avoid rush hour and help ease congested roadways by changing their work schedule, using bikes, working from home, or taking public transit. In honor of this “holiday,” Capital Metro also offered free rides to commuters. By all accounts, it was a success.

The idea of “Austin Don’t Rush” came about when Mayor Steve Adler urged Austinites to work from home back in March when President Obama came to town to give the keynote address at this year’s SXSW. According to the Mayor, travel times during rush hour on MoPac decreased 60%, while traffic on Highway 183 decreased by about 50%. Six major downtown streets also experienced a 22% decrease in travel time as well.

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