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Medical Costs Of Treating A Spinal Injury From A Car Crash

Posted by Trent Kelly on August 16, 2021
Medical Costs Of Treating A Spinal Injury From A Car Crash

There’s a reason that medical and legal professionals deem the most severe spinal cord injuries as “catastrophic.” They are extremely costly for the victims of those who suffer them, physically, emotionally, and financially, and it is important to speak with an Austin back injury lawyer.

Severe spinal cord injuries are comparatively rarer (relatively speaking) than other injuries and illnesses. That said, they are still an extremely devastating and debilitating danger for those who have the misfortune of suffering them. 

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center:

  • There are roughly 54 new spinal cord injury cases per one million Americans each year, or 17,700 new cases per year
  • Men face a disproportionate risk of suffering SCI injuries, accounting for 78% of new cases
  • Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of SCI injury, accounting for 38.3% of all new cases

Driving is a particularly deadly source of spinal cord injuries, as the sheer weight, speed, and violence of the collisions can exert disorienting, whiplashing pressure on one’s back.

If you were victimized by an SCI in a local car crash, then how can you move forward? How will it cost you, physically, emotionally, and financially? Moreover, how can Austin back injury lawyers help you recover those costs? Read on to find out.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Costs

As you can imagine, spinal cord injuries are by no means easy or cheap to treat. Care costs can vary widely based on the severity of the injury, the location of the injury, and the age at which the injury occurred.

That said, no matter the age or severity, the average person is going to immensely struggle to deal with the costs of SCI injury alone. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has quantified the average maximum lifetime costs of spinal cord injury, and across the board of severity, they are costly:

  • High tetraplegia: $4,724,181
  • Low tetraplegia: $3,451,781
  • Paraplegia: $2,310,104
  • Incomplete motor function: $1,578,274

Compound that with the fact that the average working-class American struggles to pay even $400 in sudden emergency expenses, and you’ve got a recipe for finding yourself in way over your head. 

Of course, these financial expenses won’t be as great a burden as the physical and emotional expenses of SCI injury, but nevertheless, they can still add some very serious insult to injury. 

The last thing you need to deal with after suffering an enormously debilitating injury is enormously debilitating medical debt on top of those struggles. Although you won’t be able to fully retain the physical and emotional losses you suffered after such an injury, there, fortunately, are ways to recover for most of your economic losses. 

Speak with Austin Back Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a back injury in a Texas car accident, and you need to find justice, then we would be happy to help you find it. Contact our Texas car accident lawyers at TK Injury Lawyers today to learn more.

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