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Road Rage Leads to Violent Encounter on Austin Road

Posted by Trent Kelly on February 29, 2016
Road Rage Leads to Violent Encounter on Austin Road

This January in Austin, a road rage incident turned ugly.

While stopped at a traffic light on a heavily congested street, two men engaged in an armed fight. A fellow motorist took a video of the incident on his phone, and the incident is now being investigated by the Austin Police Department as an aggravated assault.

The 30-second video shows a visibly hot-tempered man approaching a truck with a baseball bat in his hands. The other motorist then proceeds to grab a large wooden staff from the bed of his truck. After he grabbed the staff, he swings it at the man with the bat, and an intense exchange of blows ensues. The man who filmed the attack was laughing as he captured the incident, but he later told reporters that he was afraid that the driver of the pickup was going to retrieve a gun.

It’s not clear what started the fight, but sadly, road rage is nothing new to Texas drivers. While not all road rage incidents turn violent, there are some extreme cases where road rage can escalate resulting in injuries or even death. With a booming population and an ever-increasing traffic problem, incidents like this are starting to become more common. Hopefully, this incident will remind drivers that they should take a deep breath and consider the possible consequences of road rage before engaging with another driver.

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