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Rock Throwing Incidents Continue On I-35

Posted by Trent Kelly on February 24, 2016
Rock Throwing Incidents Continue On I-35

Local and state officials are stepping up their efforts to identify those responsible for throwing rocks at vehicles traveling along Interstate 35 in and around Austin, TX.

Approximately 60 rock-throwing incidents have been reported since June 2014, some of which have resulted in serious injuries.

At first it was believed that the rocks were being thrown from overpasses, which led the Austin Police Department to install cameras in the hopes of identifying the perpetrators. However, authorities now believe that the rocks are being thrown from other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction as the cars being struck. This makes identification of the perpetrators more difficult and, according to police, it may also expand the area where the attacks occur.

In order to deal with this new threat, motorists have been advised to drive in the far right lane of the highway during the night and to avoid the lower deck of I-35 whenever possible. Motorists have also been asked to notify police if they see objects being thrown from vehicles or if they are struck themselves. Notification should be made as soon as possible to increase the chance of the perpetrator being identified and apprehended.

The victims of these crimes should contact an Austin Car Accident Attorney immediately in order to determine their legal rights. An attorney may be able to help you obtain the financial compensation needed to deal with the physical and emotional trauma you may have experienced. If you have been the victim of a rock attack on I-35, contact Terry and Kelly, PLLC at 512-910-2000 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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