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Is it safe to ride a Scooter in Austin?

Posted by Trent Kelly on January 9, 2019
Is it safe to ride a Scooter in Austin?

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in the downtown Austin area, but the rise of this dockless form of transportation has led to serious safety concerns. Even though city officials have made it clear that it’s illegal to ride these scooters on most trials and through parks, individuals can ride these powered scooters in most vehicle and bike lanes.

It’s also legal to ride electric scooters on the sidewalk in many parts of Austin, which has made many citizens concerned about the potential for collisions between pedestrians and scooter riders. In fact, between May 7th and September 6th of 2018, there were 1.5 serious scooter accidents per week in Austin. While none of these accidents resulted in fatalities, scooter injuries are becoming disturbingly common in the downtown Austin area.

Rules of the Road

Practically overnight, hundreds of scooters appeared on the streets of Austin. Most of these scooters were deployed before the city could run its own pilot program determining the safety and permitting process for these electric vehicles, and these scooters disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared as the city cracked down on these unregulated vehicles.

With the city council’s blessing, these vehicles are now back, but residents still have concerns about their safety. For instance, anyone over the age of 16 can rent one of these scooters with or without a driver’s license, and while helmets are technically required to ride these vehicles, no helmets are provided with the electric scooters that are flooding Austin’s streets.

Even more concerning is the dockless nature of this form of transportation. Previous forms of rentable electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles, had to be replaced in their docks after use, but most electric scooters can be left anywhere. In many parts of Austin, it’s now common to find piles of abandoned scooters on street corners or in front of businesses. In some cases, riders take their scooters inside of buildings and leave them in entryways, which obstructs foot traffic.

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

All things considered, electric scooters certainly pose a danger to riders, pedestrians, and drivers. These vehicles are widely unregulated, and many riders are unsure of where they can and can’t be ridden. Many injuries have already occurred, and the injuries caused by electric scooters can have devastating emotional, physical, and financial effects on individuals and families.

Get the Scooter Injury Help You Need

If you or someone you know has been harmed by an electric scooter in the Austin area, it’s important to seek out qualified legal help as soon as possible. While dealing with an injury can be a trying experience, getting justice for your injury can substantially reduce your suffering.

The expert litigators at the offices of TK Injury Lawyers have helped dozens of individuals receive the compensation they deserve for their scooter injuries, which is why this law firm’s motto is, “You get better, we’ll get justice.” The accredited and acclaimed attorneys at this firm will work hard to get the outcome you’re looking for, so call TK Injury Lawyers to get started on the path to justice today.

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