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Secrets The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Posted by Trent Kelly on October 21, 2019
Secrets The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Make that a lot of secrets – that your insurance company does not want you to know when trying to negotiate!

Then read this:

  1. Know who your friends are: Heads up!! It is NOT insurance companies! Money is their friend, their bottom line, their objective. Oh, for sure, they will be nice and friendly and pretend to be your BFF. But they are not – they are pinching those pennies. YOUR pennies.
  2. Hire a lawyer: Lawyers usually mean they lose money in pay outs. Lawyers will be described in awful terms like sleazy, corrupt. The first secret should tell you not to believe in insurance companies.
  3. Be prepared for insurance companies to lie: Yes, lie. They will tell you that you are not entitled to a settlement for your injuries. They will try to convince you that you are not entitled to monetary benefits for pain and suffering. “You know your accident was a minor one, right?” they will say.
  4. Watch out for insurance companies who try to tell you that because you had back problems before the accident that you are not entitled to a claim or settlement, that you are not entitled to medical bills.
  5. Be aware that insurance adjusters are very skilled at what they do. They have to be to keep from having to pay out claims. They are great at bluffing and will state that “that is our final offer”, “your attorney will take your settlement if there IS a settlement”, “it’s best to take our offer”.
  6. “We could care less if you take us to court”…. yeah, right. That is just one of the tactics insurance companies will try to use on you. It is important to obtain an attorney as the insurance company will continue to discount you and your claim.
  7. Insurance companies have a habit of not telling you the full story, like you have the right to payment for your medications, loss of your vehicle, anything inside your vehicle and trips to medical treatment and doctor visits.
  8. An insurance adjuster is like their insurance attorney. They know the law and how to use it psychologically against you. Their goal is giving you the least amount of money as possible. It’s that simple.
  9. Don’t let insurance companies fool you – they have huge reserves for what they call catastrophic events. Billions and billions. Plus the interest they accrue.
  10. The reserves that insurance companies have on hand is making money on that money from interest accrued. That is one reason why they prefer to stall your claim…. it means more interest on their reserves.

Avoid all this hassle and pressure and hire a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve. They will fight for you against the insurance company and protect your rights. The only way to ensure you get justice is to have an aggressive legal team on your side.

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