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Staying Safe From the Dangers of Summer

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 2, 2016
Staying Safe From the Dangers of Summer

An old and well-known saying tells us that “in summertime, the living is easy.”

However, it is also important to not underestimate the many dangers we all face in summer. Many people believe that the winter, with its icy roads and severe weather, is the most dangerous time for drivers when in fact more accidents and fatalities happen in the summer.

Visiting tourists, young drivers on the road, and more bicyclists are just a few of the elements that can lead to a car accident disaster in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, the soaring temperatures in summer, especially in Texas, can lead to road hazards such as tire blowouts or road rage in heavily congested traffic areas.

Along with visitors who may not be familiar with area roads and demographics, it is critical to watch for other vehicles, such as motorcycles or bicycles. Warm weather entices more outdoor activity, and as such, many riders may take to the open road at all hours of the day, which can pose a hazard for folks unprepared for these types of vehicles. Motorcycles and bicycles can dart out into oncoming traffic without warning, make sudden turns or stops, or “hide” in a car’s blindspot, which can result in an accident.

No one wants a vacation or a casual trip to be ruined in the terrible event of an accident or injury. Should you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a car accident, it is important to contact an Austin car accident attorney immediately to determine your rights and assist in your recovery efforts. Call TK Injury Lawyers at 512-910-2000 for a free initial consultation and case review.

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