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What Are The Three Collisions in A Car Crash?

Posted by Trent Kelly on February 15, 2022
What Are The Three Collisions in A Car Crash?

The last thing that you want to happen when you are out running errands or heading into work is to have your day disrupted by an auto accident. As we’ll explore in this article, there are three types of collisions that might happen in a car accident, and knowing them can help you identify how you can be injured in a crash

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What are the Three Collisions That Happen in a Car Accident?

The three collisions that happen in a car accident are vehicle collision, human collision, and internal collision. Knowing these three types of collisions and their related dangers helps to understand where and how injury occurs. Collisions follow a sequence, and each can lead to different and substantial injuries. Following an injury, a skilled lawyer can help.

Collision 1: Vehicle 

The first collision is when a vehicle strikes another object, generally linked to a car crash. When the vehicle impacts, it rapidly decelerates as it crashes due to the force of the collision. While most modern vehicles are equipped to absorb much of the kinetic energy associated with a crash, humans are not totally protected from harm and injury during a vehicle collision.

The injuries that happen vary from person to person and accident to accident, although there are some injuries commonly associated with car accidents. Common injuries as a result of the first type of collision are:

  • Back and head injuries – when the driver or passengers strike the steering wheel, roof, windshield, or another object in the vehicle, back injuries and head trauma like concussions are common. With a concussion, your brain bounces around inside your skull, causing chemical changes and tissue damage in and to your brain.
  • Neck injuries – a common injury in motor vehicle collisions is whiplash, which can happen when your neck is moved suddenly in one direction or another due to the impact.

Collision 2: Human 

The second collision is the human collision when the human body that was traveling at the same speed as the vehicle hits an object that causes the forward motion of the human to stop. This might be a seatbelt that catches you and absorbs much of the motion, which can still lead to soft tissue damage, broken bones, and internal injury.

Collision 3: Internal 

There is more going on than cars hitting cars and humans hitting the interior of cars in an accident, as there is also motion happening inside your body. Your internal organs and brain will move with the same momentum and come to a sudden stop, which can cause internal injuries like ruptured organs, brain injury, internal hemorrhaging, or broken ribs.

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