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A Closer Look At Austin Pedicab Accidents

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 28, 2015
A Closer Look At Austin Pedicab Accidents

Pedicab accidents are a growing concern in Austin.

A pedicab is a 3-wheeled vehicle that operates much like a bicycle with a compartment on the back used to transport passengers. This mode of transportation is especially popular in some areas of town as a means for passengers to get home after a night out. Pedicabs are also popular in Austin during special events, such as SXSW and ACL. Unfortunately, not all pedicab drivers are as careful as they should be. When pedicab drivers disregard traffic signals or weave in and out of traffic, serious accidents can occur.

Pedicab drivers are expected to obey the same traffic rules that other vehicles do on the road. Injuries resulting from these accidents can be severe or even life-threatening, causing victims and their families to incur costly medical bills, miss work, and experience pain and suffering. If a pedicab driver is negligent, the pedicab company may be liable for damages to accident victims.

Some cities, such as Denver, have enacted special regulations for pedicabs in order to promote passenger safety. Those requirements stipulate that licenses must be displayed on all pedicabs and pedicab drivers must go through a special safety training course. Licenses for pedicab drivers are intended to make drivers accountable for their actions because they can be easily identified.

If you have been involved in a pedicab accident, contact an Austin personal injury attorney to discuss your rights. An experienced Austin personal injury attorney can assist you if you have a claim for money damages. Pedicab accidents can be very costly and confusing, so it is important to have an attorney who will fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve in your case. Call TK Injury Lawyers at 512-910-2000 today to discuss your case.

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