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Bicycle accident victims: know your rights for recovery

Posted by Trent Kelly on April 3, 2014
Bicycle accident victims: know your rights for recovery

Have you ever tried to commute to work on a bicycle?

If so, you know that bicycle commuting brings numerous challenges, from staying clean and smelling fresh when one arrives at work to avoiding a potentially life-threatening accident. In recent years, the growing popularity of bicycle commuting has been positive in many ways. After all, bicycling brings health benefits and involves far less environmental impact than driving a motor vehicle.
Safety is a serious issue for many bicycle commuters. Some cities are better than others in terms of the supportive policies and infrastructure they offer. This is, to be sure, no small element in ensuring safety for cyclists since studies have shown that the right infrastructure can reduce bicycle injuries by up to 50 percent.

Those who are harmed in a bicycle accident, of course, can suffer serious injuries. When bicycle accidents occur, it is important to accident victims to understand their rights in terms of options for recovery and how to hold the offending party accountable.

One thing to understand about personal injury litigation is that liability is only half the case. The other half is damages, and without a strong damages case, one will not obtain an adequate recovery or even be able to understand whether litigation is better than settlement.

Of course, it is good for accident victims to work with an experienced attorney on their case. Doing so will ensure not only that they are able to hold all offending parties accountable, but that their damages award is commensurate with their own losses.

Source: CNN, “City cycling: Road to fitness, or accident waiting to happen?,” Lesley Evans Ogden, March 4, 2014.


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