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Are Austin’s Pedestrians at Risk?

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 15, 2015
Are Austin’s Pedestrians at Risk?

The capital city of Austin, Texas, has a population of nearly 900,000, which means that on any given day its roadways are filled with people who are driving as well as pedestrians who are walking to their destinations.

In the past few years, attention has become increasingly focused on those who walk due to the boom of condominium construction in our city. Dating back to 2012 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration listed Austin as third in the nation in number of pedestrian fatalities, the rise of such accidents has been alarming. As the number of people living and working downtown increases and the number of these accidents continues to rise (even though overall traffic fatalities are down in the city) the question has become: Are Austin’s pedestrians at risk?

Not surprisingly, the city streets that are most dangerous for pedestrians are also the most populated, such as the prominent Congress Avenue. However, Congress Avenue is not the most deadly for those who walk. That distinction has surprisingly fallen to Interstate 35 and its connecting roads.

When asked for reasons why pedestrian accidents and deaths have been on the rise in the city, the police chief, Art Acevedo, cited some of the problems. He noted that Austin has a reputation as a “heavy drinking city.” Said the Chief, “Throw alcohol into the mix, and you have a problem.” He also cited the attitude of most drivers that they own the roads and refusing to regard pedestrians as having equal road rights. Even local Austin TV station KVUE explored Austin’s drinking problem and the dangers it poses to it’s citizens in a recent piece they posted on their web site.

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