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Multi-vehicle crash kills motorcyclist

Posted by Trent Kelly on December 29, 2014
Multi-vehicle crash kills motorcyclist

A four-vehicle accident in the Texas town of Blue Ridge has taken the life of a motorcyclist and sent another driver to the hospital.

The Department of Public Safety has issued a report alleging that the injured driver may have been operating her vehicle at a high rate of speed at the time of the crash.
The crash happened on State Highway 78 on the morning of Dec. 13. According to reports, a 31-year-old Rowlett woman was driving an SUV southbound when her vehicle ran into the rear end of a car that was trying to turn off of the highway, sending it into the northbound lanes it traveled into the path of a 49-year-old motorcyclist from McKinney. He was unable to maneuver around the vehicle and crashed into it. A fourth vehicle was also involved in the wreck.

The motorcyclist was killed in the crash. The driver of the SUV was also injured and had to be taken to Medical Center of McKinney for treatment. The police report on the incident indicated their belief that her failure to control her vehicle’s speed contributed to the wreck.

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to inflict devastating trauma upon the cyclist. If a motorcyclist is injured or killed in a highway collision that was caused by another, then an attorney may be able to counsel them, their survivors or their representative about the three legal options for recovery of damages. If the motorcyclist was hurt but survived, they may sue for compensation for their personal injury. If they die in the crash, then their family may file a claim seeking redress for their kin’s wrongful death. The estate of the deceased may also, through a representative, file a survival action that requests compensation for the harm that has been done to the estate.

Source: KXII, “Motorcyclist killed in Blue Ridge 4-vehicle accident”, December 15, 2014

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