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Texas Urges Drivers to Look Twice for Motorcycles

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 14, 2015
Texas Urges Drivers to Look Twice for Motorcycles

The continuing tragedy of motorcycle deaths in Texas is something that occurs all too often, which means not only pain and suffering for the victims’ families, but in many cases, the loss of future income by the deceased.


Startling Statistics

The recent statistics for fatal motorcycle accidents in Texas are beyond troubling. In total, there have been 2,354 motorcyclist deaths in the Lone Star State in the past 5 years. Nearly 20 percent of those deaths (a total of 455) took place in 2014 alone.


Reasons for Such Accidents

In an attempt to combat this scourge, the State of Texas is encouraging drivers to look twice when it comes to motorcycles. That’s because many motorcycle related accidents occur as a result of the automobile driver failing to see the rider until it is too late.

However, in too many cases of this nature, the driver that causes the accident prefers convenience to playing it safe and does not take the time to ensure motorcyclists are clear of any action being taken. Unfortunately, since the rider is not protected by a vehicle at the time of impact that neglect often has devastating consequences, leading to the severe injury or death.


The Devastating Impact

In those situations, an Austin motorcycle accident attorney can be invaluable in making sure that those directly affected by these types of accidents and the damage they cause receive the compensation they need and deserve.

They have the experience to gauge how much of an impact such a loss can take on the family. Since in the most severe cases, nothing can be done to bring back a loved one, receiving financial remuneration for the agonizing days ahead serve as the only remedy. That’s when involving a qualified Austin motorcycle accident attorney can be indispensable and the most important decision a family can make during a very difficult time.


Contacting the Right People

If you’ve been injured or your loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at TK Injury Lawyers. You can trust that our Austin motorcycle accident attorneys will provide you with the representation and respect you and your family deserve.


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