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Parents: Warmer Weather can Result in Increased Injury Risks

Posted by Trent Kelly on May 4, 2020
Parents: Warmer Weather can Result in Increased Injury Risks

With warmer temperatures and kids out of school because of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more kids are playing outside. Outdoor activity is an excellent way for kids to stay active while maintaining social distancing measures, and it’s also a great respite for parents who need some time alone.

Unfortunately, playing outside also exposes kids to an increased risk of accidental injury. In many cases, kids who are hurt while playing outdoors may be able to recover compensation for their accident-related losses, so parents of injured children should talk to an attorney. Here are some of the ways children can be hurt by the negligence of others while playing outside.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Outdoor play often involves running, biking, or playing pick-up sports in front yards or common areas in neighborhoods. Sometimes, these activities spill out into the street, whether intentionally or not. Unfortunately, for this reason, outdoor play puts kids at risk of involvement in a pedestrian accident. When these accidents are the result of driver negligence – often speeding or distracted driving – your family can often recover compensation.

Defective Equipment

Outdoor play often involves the use of recreational or sports equipment. It’s not uncommon to see kids outside riding around on bikes, playing street hockey,  climbing on backyard jungle gyms, or riding around on skateboards. While equipment can enhance play and provide endless entertainment, when it is defective, kids can be seriously injured. Because product defects can be difficult to identify, parents should always consult with a lawyer after something breaks or malfunctions and causes injury to their child.

What to Do if Your Child Has Been Hurt in an Accident

There are certain steps parents should take to protect their children’s rights after an outdoor injury. 

  • Take Your Child to the Doctor or Hospital: It is critical that you seek medical attention after an accident, both for his or her well-being and for any claim that you may assert. Injuries that are identified and treated immediately are typically less likely to cause long-term problems, and robust medical records can help ensure that your child obtains the compensation to which he or she is entitled.
  • Document Your Child’s Recovery: You should also keep detailed notes about how your child’s injuries are affecting him or her on a daily basis. Make notes of signs of depression, pain, missed playdates, or developmental issues that you may notice. Furthermore, be sure not to skip any follow-up appointments and encourage your child to actively participate in his or her treatment.
  • Retain a Lawyer as Soon as You Can: Finally, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after your child’s accident.  An attorney will be able to advise you as to how best to proceed and will also handle your claim from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your child’s health and recovery.                                                     

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